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Renault BJX

751345247_50171RR T=1.2mm
Auto transfer die 2 out L+R

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Renault BJX


Auto transfer die

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Four characteristics of precision mold

1, wear resistance

When the blank material is plastic deformed in the injection mold, it flows and rolls along the surface of the mold cavity, causing fierce friction between the surface of the mold cavity and the blank material, and then the abrasive tool is invalid due to damage. Therefore, the corrosion resistance of the data is the most basic. One of the most important characteristics.

Strength is the primary factor that endangers wear resistance. In general, the higher the strength of the mold parts, the smaller the wear rate and the higher the wear resistance. In addition, the wear resistance is also related to the type of cementite in the data. Total. Shape. Size and spread related.

2, strong ductility

Most of the operating standards of mold shells are very extreme, and some often bear a large impact load, which leads to brittle break. In order to avoid sudden brittle fracture of mold parts during work, high-precision hardware molds should have high hardness and ductility.

The key to the ductility of mold shells is the carbon content of raw materials. Grain size and structure - precision mold manufacturing.

3, fatigue cracking characteristics

In the working process of mold shell, under the action of long-term circulation pressure, it usually causes fatigue and rupture. Its type has small kinetic energy repeated impact fatigue rupture. Raschen fatigue rupture contact fatigue rupture and bending fatigue rupture.

The key to the fatigue cracking characteristics of mold shell is its compressive strength. Ductility, strength, and the composition of impurities in its raw materials.

4, high temperature characteristics

When the operating temperature of the mold shell is higher, the strength and hardness will be reduced, resulting in the initial damage of the mold shell or plastic deformation and ineffective. Therefore, the precision metal mold steel should have a high reliability of quenching resistance to ensure that the mold shell has a high strength and compressive strength at ambient temperature.






Auto transfer die 2 out L+R


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